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Margiolakis Evangelos P.C , owner and beneficiary of all rights of the web site www.elgrecotours.gr and www.elgreco.gr  provides its visitors/ members/ subscribers/ readers (hereinafter referred to as “users”) with a host of services, pages, choices and/or sources. Users of El Greco Tours services understand and acknowledge that all pages/ services are provided “as is” and that El Greco Tours shall bear no liability whatsoever for any limited duration, deletion, poor performance or failure to store any user data and/or any content of personal pages/services. Access to the use of El Greco Tours services may require the payment of fees to third parties (for instance, Internet service providers, charge of on-line time). Users shall be solely responsible to pay the corresponding fees. In addition, users shall be solely liable for their personal equipment along with the necessary technological means ensuring them access to El Greco Tours services. By making use of the services, El Greco Tours users fully and unreservedly accept these terms. To this effect, El Greco Tours recommends its users to carefully read the texts below and refer to Margiolakis-sa@elgreco.gr for any queries they may have.
In addition to the exceptions explicitly set forth (intellectual property rights of third parties, associates and bodies), the entire content of El Greco Tours including pictures, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services provided and, in general, all files of this web site (save the content created by users through customized services) shall be intellectual property, registered trademarks and service marks of El Greco Tours and shall be protected by the respective provisions of Greek and European Law and international agreements and conventions. Therefore, the content of El Greco Tours cannot be sold, copied, modified, counterfeited, imitated, reproduced or republished in whole or in part, without prior written permission, or be downloaded, transmitted, distributed or otherwise exploited. With the explicit exception of the above indicative cases, separate storage of a single copy of part of the content in a plain personal computer of the user solely for the latter’s personal use and not for public or commercial operation shall be allowed, provided that its origin is not deleted and that no third parties or the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights are affected in whatsoever way. The other products or services referred to in the electronic pages of this node and bearing the marks of the respective organizations, corporations, associates, bodies, unions, etc shall be the intellectual and industrial property of these persons.
Upon registration with El Greco Tours services, users will be asked to provide certain personal data and information. Each user represents and warrants that the information provided is true, accurate, current and complete. Upon registering and creating an account, users shall be asked to determine a password and a user name. Users shall be solely responsible for all activities that occur under their password/ user name and, in general, their user account and should see that the above personally identifiable user information is safeguarded. El Greco Tours recommends its users to take all necessary safety measures to prevent any illegal use of the network services and their passwords by third unauthorized parties. In addition, El Greco Tours recommends its users to memorize these passwords and avoid writing them down on objects to which third parties may gain access. Finally, El Greco Tours recommends its users to be particularly careful when exiting from their accounts at the end of each session (Logout). El Greco Tours cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from users’ failure to comply with the terms hereof.
By way of example, but not limited to, users are not allowed to use El Greco Tours services to:
1. Upload, post, email, transmit, or use other method to install content that is unlawful, harmful, misleading, threatening, abusive, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, violent, harassing, obscene, racially or otherwise objectionable, invasive of privacy or personal data, hateful, etc.
2. Impersonate any natural or legal person or falsely state the identity of the user/member or otherwise misrepresent the association and/or co-operation of the user/member with another natural or legal person.
3. Falsify or otherwise alter the identifiers of users/members with a view to providing misleading information regarding the content transmitted via El Greco Tours services.
4. Upload, post, email, transmit, or use other method to have content installed by a person that does not have a right to transmit such content under any law or under fiduciary relationships.
5. Upload, post, email, transmit, or use other method to install software or other content (text, picture, sound, video, animation) that infringes on any intellectual property rights of anybody (including trade secrets).
6. Upload, post, email, transmit, or use other method to install any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, "junk/spam mail" or any other form of solicitation.
7. Upload, post, email, transmit, or use other method to install and/or promote and/or make available any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
8. Interfere with or disrupt the services or servers or networks connected to El Greco Tours services, or disobey any requirements, procedures or regulations of use of such networks.
9. Intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, national, European or international law and/or any regulations having the force of law and concerning and/or covering any El Greco Tours services.
10. Interfere with the privacy as well as the individual and social rights of other users/members in whatsoever way (for instance, by collecting and/or storing personally identifiable information about other users/members).
Users of El Greco Tours shall be solely and exclusively liable to fully restore any damage incurred by El Greco Tours and its associates as a result of any challenge, dispute or litigation that may arise from non-compliance of users with the terms of this article. In case El Greco Tours services are employed in a way contravening these terms, El Greco Tours reserves the right to refuse access to the service without notice.
Having regard to the nature and volume of the Internet, under no circumstances, including negligence, shall El Greco Tours be liable for any damage incurred by the users of pages, services, choices and contents of El Greco Tours. The contents of El Greco Tours are provided “as is”, with no warranties whatsoever, whether be express or implied, with respect to their merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. El Greco Tours undertakes to collect, process and distribute its content, which however, due to the tremendous volume of information transferred on its hosting servers and the participation of third parties (whether be natural or legal persons, or the users themselves), cannot be monitored physically during its initial production and collection. Therefore, in no event can El Greco Tours guarantee the thoroughness, accuracy, fullness, adequacy, lawfulness and, in general, the quality or fitness thereof or the absence of any errors. Users utilize the services at their own initiative and responsibility and, additionally, El Greco Tours recommends its users to double check the information provided. El Greco Tours does not give any express warranty that the pages, services, choices and contents will be provided free of errors, without interruption, or that the errors will be corrected. Additionally, El Greco Tours does not warrant that El Greco Tours site or other affiliated sites or the servers through which the above are made available to users will be free of viruses or other harmful elements.
El Greco Tours provides its users with the capability to purchase services and/or products through e-commerce applications pursuant to the terms hereof and/or other special terms regarding the provision of e-commerce services. El Greco Tours fully complies with the provisions of Law 2251/1994 on Consumer Protection and the regulatory acts and decisions related to remote sales. Thus, El Greco Tours is obliged to inform its users with respect to: a) the substantial characteristics of the products and/or services El Greco Tours makes available; b) their price and the value added tax, if not included in the price; c) payment terms; d) availability of products; e) mode, time and cost of shipping – delivery of products; and f) revocation right.
El Greco Tours explicitly reserves the right to use the space offered to its users to upload and post any content (personal pages, etc) and to promote advertising messages of any type and size as long as this content is part of El Greco Tours services. El Greco Tours shall not be liable in whatsoever way for the communication of its users with third-party providers of services advertised on El Greco Tours or for any commercial transaction that may arise from such a relation.
El Greco Tours provides the users of its services with the capability to vote on current issues formulated as questions. The answers of voters are recorded, analyzed and commented by El Greco Tours for conclusions to be drawn regarding public opinion in relation to the topic put to the vote. El Greco Tours reserves the exclusive right to collect and exploit such data and the findings to which El Greco Tours is led shall be El Greco Tours’ s intellectual property. El Greco Tours determines specific terms regarding participation in voting and reserves the right to terminate voting.
El Greco Tours does not control the availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and thoroughness of the services of other web sites and pages to which users are referred through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Therefore, users acknowledge that they should refer directly to the respective web sites and pages for any problem encountered when visiting or using the services of other web sites, which will be solely responsible for the services they provide. In no event can it be believed that El Greco Tours abides by or accepts the content or services of the web sites or pages to which El Greco Tours refers and/or is linked in whatsoever way.
El Greco Tours reserves the right to modify and/or suspend or terminate its services, in whole or in part, with or without notice to users/subscribers.
The aforementioned use terms and conditions of El Greco Tours as well as any amendment thereof are construed and supplemented by Greek Law, the Law of the European Union and the corresponding international conventions. Should any provision of the above terms become invalid, it shall automatically cease being in force and it shall be removed from this document without prejudice to the validity of the other terms. This document is the entire agreement between El Greco Tours and the user of its pages and services and shall bind solely these parties. Any amendments to these terms shall be taken into account and shall be a part of this agreement insofar as they are formulated in writing and incorporated herein.
PREAMBLE This Personal Data Protection Agreement meets the conditions of personal data collection and management of visitors, users, members, readers, subscribers (hereinafter “users”) by El Greco Tours. when they register with the pages and services of its web site at www.El Greco Tours.gr. By using El Greco Tours services, users fully accept the terms hereof without any reservation. PERSONAL DATA FILING POLICY When a user registers with El Greco Tours, certain personal information will be required such as name, e-mail address, country, age and sex. Each user/visitor filling in the communication form with El Greco Tours will be asked to provide the following personal information: name, e-mail, contact telephone and country. El Greco Tours strictly abides by Greek Law on Personal Data Filing. The information stated upon registration for membership shall not be disclosed to third parties and in no event shall it be divulged or exploited in whatsoever way. Such data shall be used solely to the extent deemed necessary for meeting the terms and obligations of any separate services provided by El Greco Tours to its users and for ensuring the smooth function of the site. By way of exception, El Greco Tours may disclose personal data of its users in the following cases: • El Greco Tours has ensured the explicit consent of users for the disclosure of their personal data in whatsoever way. • Information is disclosed to third natural or legal persons with whom El Greco Tours co-operates and solely to the extent required for the provision of each service by El Greco Tours. • If required by Law, a court judgment or any other state or regulatory authority COOKIES El Greco Tours may use cookies for the sound function of its services and pages. A cookie is a small text file that is transferred (from a Web site) to the hard drive of each user’s computer provided that the user has accepted to receive cookies. Cookies are neither used for registering personal data of users nor getting any knowledge about the files of users’ personal computers. Cookies are used solely for facilitating users’ access to specific El Greco Tours services and for statistical purposes. El Greco Tours users may adjust their Web browser preferences either to alert them when cookies are used in specific El Greco Tours services or to refuse cookies altogether. In case a user of specific El Greco Tours services and pages refuses cookies so as to be recognized, access to such services shall be denied E-COMMERCE SERVICES Visitors wishing to use El Greco Tours e-commerce services/ applications must provide the following information: name/ corporate name of enterprise, address of natural person/ registered office of enterprise, zip code, telephone, e-mail, fax, taxpayer’s identification number, competent tax office, city, country, and credit card particulars. The above information is required for the issue of the relevant documents (tax) and is kept at the accounts department of El Greco Tours. El Greco Tours may utilize – process in part the information collected when using e-commerce applications and may record the buying interests of its users in order to make them new offers, unless the users of these services expressly refuse to accept such offers. The information concerning the buying interests of a user cannot be possibly disclosed to third parties, unless it falls under the exceptions explicitly set forth herein. VOTING Users wishing to participate in a vote held by El Greco Tours are not obliged to submit personal information. The votes of users are recorded solely for deducing conclusions with respect to public opinion on a certain topic. LINKS TO OTHER SITES El Greco Tours contains links to other sites, which are not controlled by El Greco Tours but by third parties (natural or legal persons). In no event shall El Greco Tours be responsible for the Protection Terms of visitors’ Personal Data applied by such bodies. IP ADDRESSES The IP address through which the computer of a user has access to the Internet and, further, to El Greco Tours is kept solely for technical or safety reasons and is used solely for collecting statistics. GOVERNING LAW The management and protection of the personal data of El Greco Tours services users is subject to the terms of this section and to the respective provisions of Greek Legislation (Law 2472/1997) on the protection of individuals and the protection of personally identifiable information, as in force after being amended, to the resolutions of the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Committee, and to the provisions of European Law (directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC). In this context, any eventual legal reform shall be an amendment hereof. In all events, El Greco Tours reserves the right to change personal data protection terms within the existing or eventually a new legal framework following information of users.
Registered company: Μargiolakis Evangelos P.C
47, Theotokopoulou str, 73131, Chania
VAT EL094345770, Chania Tax Department
GNTO (ΕΟΤ): 10 42 E 60 61 00747 01 
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