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El Greco Tours is a reliable partner where you can trust and always making sure that the tour operators will receive the best from us.
We are very professional, passion and proud about our work.
We try hard to fulfill all client’s requests with efficiency, giving our personal touch to achieve the best result.
Our close and very good relationship with our suppliers, give us the ability and the possibility to offer all our partners very competitive prices in all our products and with a daily focus of sales, our yielding department is always offering new updated prices, special offers and promotions.
We treat all clients the same no matter of the turnover they give us and we try always to help with any way to increase their sales and be stronger and bigger in our destinations.


Customer service is not responding to customer needs; customer service is anticipating them; it is ensuring that every step of the customer experience, every minute of every day of their experience right until the moment they step back through their front doors, you have their affirmation and admiration for service and comfort you offer.
At El Greco Tours we work for you. We do this by following a simple, but repeatable system every time—a system that will work to help you help your clients, and help us ensure that everything is perfect first time, and every time, we do business with you.
This is a description of what we normally call an AD HOC request from a tour operator, normally this is only a small portion of our business, mainly we provide a tariff and XML connection to our system and tour operators requests and sell via the databases. Lets talk about this when we meet.

We follow the simple five-step process outlined below:

When we hear from you about the precise requirements your customers have for a specific location, we engage our people in the related regional office for that particular location. Communicating with them using our unique quality assurance system, we ask them to look into the best possible room and destination activity rates for the numbers you outline in your requirement information, whether it is for one person or a thousand. Our team of professionals then works to match your clients’ needs with your requirements all within the budget you specify.

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