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Incentives & Conferences

Conferences Services

In addition to all of the regular tourism services, we offer, through our dedicated department, organizational support for your conference or your incentive.

We have extensive experience in this field, already having organized conferences and incentives in Greece, for great organizations (such as the Red Cross, the Technical University of Crete, the EEDIP, the National Technical University, Life EU, the Hellenic Center of Marine and many more). This experience allows us to promptly prepare special “a la carte” programs, as per our partner's requests, as well as to give our own suggestions, depending on the style, the budget and the expectations of each group or client.

Our aim is to provide individuals and groups with scheduled or "made-to-order" trips, of very high quality, and at a competitive price.

Knowing that the time of the organizing committee is valuable for the implementation of the scientific part of the conference, we ensure your peace of mind, for all the aspects of the organization of your conference. We will organize your conference with strict professionalism, consistency and friendliness, in order to make it exceptional.

Budget Development

In cooperation with the organizing committee, and after we exactly understand the needs and the aim of the conference, we will begin preparing the budget.

Conference Planning

(venue - accommodation - social events)

We present offers and proposals, which suite exactly to the qualitative and to the financial standards of the conference.

Communication Strategy

(Brochures - design, editing and printing)

We design the conference logo and we create the conference id (logo paper, envelope, poster, invitation, 1st announcement, participation badges, conference bag, envelope, paper block, pen, hotel reservation vouchers, registration forms, certificates of attendance etc).
In collaboration with the Scientific Committee of the conference, we design, edit and print the conference program and the Abstracts & Proceedings, in paper or in electronic form.


In collaboration with the organizing committee, we conduct a market research for finding sponsors, we design tempting sponsorship programs; then, our staff contacts the potential sponsors and administers grants, from signing the contract to its implementation.

Internet & on line Services

(registration – abstracts submission – reservations – payment reconciliation)

We take care of the artistic design and we implement the website of the conference, using the most advanced technologies.

Through the conference website, there are possibilities of:

● Collection and classification of abstracts and full papers.
● Subscriptions.
● Reservations.
● Deposit participation, through a secure SSL transaction.

Social Events

We place great importance in planning the social events of the conference, in order to offer to the guests the opportunity to relax, have fun, and to experience the cultural heritage of the site hosting them.
We organize trips and tours for the accompanying persons, during the conference.

Transfer and Accommodation

We receive and transport the delegates to and from the airport; we transport them during the conference (if necessary), from their hotels to the convention center; we also transport them to all the social events they may attend.

Conference Secretariat Support

Pre-conference secretariat:

● We send the summaries of the work to the judges, for evaluation.
● We rank any peer-reviewed abstracts.
● We keep an update of the authors (acceptance or not, time and place and manner of presentation).
● We communicate with the participants and with the invited speakers, on all matters relating to their participation.

Administrative Support Conference:

● We provide a Registration Desk and on-site registration.
● We provide registration and delivery of all of the conference materials to the participants.
● We welcome the presidents, the coordinators and the speakers.
● We coordinate the central speech.
● We collect and prepare the material and we transport the delegates to the conference area.
● We provide registration services, for an advanced, electronically-managed congress.
● We provide services for the placement of the physical frame-works and for the monitoring and the servicing for hanging the posters.
● We issue and award certificates of participation.

After conference secretarial support:

● We write and send "thank you" letters to the guest speakers and to the sponsors, after the end of the conference.
● Full-state delegates.
● We provide with participation statistics, using data which are obtained from voluntary questionnaires.

Audio-visual Equipment and Interpretation

Depending on the needs of each conference (the number of the conference rooms, the room types, the rooms' internet connection, etc.), we provide all of the necessary equipment and the technical support.

Public Relations / Press Release

● We send a Press Release before, during and after the conference.
● We organize a Press Conference and interviews, during the conference.

Conference Management

● We coordinate the Working Group.
● We write and sign all the necessary contracts and documents.
● We provide Financial and Accounting Management.
● We create a work schedule and work progress reports.
● We are in continuous contact with the organizing committee, for any problems or emergencies which may arise.

Exhibit Coordination

Along with the conduction of the conference, we offer a trade-show service, which can exhibit the full details of the participants, on the developments in the field of interest of the conference.

● We provide the exhibition space and communication services with any companies which may be interested to hire exhibition space.
● We plan and organize the booths and the exhibitors.

Closing & Final Report

● We organize the closing ceremony, in cooperation with the organizing committee.
● We create a financial statement, statistical data and materials (photographs, press releases, etc.).
● We attend the conference, in order to facilitate the withdrawal of the participants.


Incentives Services

● We design and implement programs, all over the world.
● We enrich already established and new destinations with fresh, adventurous and recreational programs.
● We organize "Treasure Hunts" and various activities, such as Trekking, Rafting, Kayak, mountain biking etc.
● We provide effective Team Building activities.