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Working Life in El Greco

We care…
Always targeting the better and aware of the importance of support it will take from its employees to that end, “El Greco” cares measurement of its employees’ satisfaction level and increasing the employee loyalty in line with these data. For that purpose, the improvement opportunities related to the working life in “El Greco” are detected and actualized with the Employee Satisfaction Survey application performed every year in the intranet environment.
The Suggestion Award System has been created in “El Greco” to enable the employees to participate in the philosophy of customer orientation and continuous development, support the constructive and productive thinking, and create value. The submitted suggestions are evaluated in the meetings held once a month at the management level, and the suggestion owners are rewarded during the organizations directed the employees.

We share…
Our employees share their opinions on many fields related to life in our in-house blog that is the common platform of the “El Greco” companies.


Job Opportunities in “El Greco”

If you say “Quality in tourism is teamwork”, you can apply to the vacant positions via the link below or send your CV to [email protected] to join our team.

The applications are evaluated within the holding and the group companies first in line with the current needs, and if there is no need, kept in our database for 1 year so as to be evaluated later.

Confidentiality is the principle in all job applications to “El Greco”. The applications are never shared with the corporations and persons out of the “El Greco”.

 Yπάλληλος για το τμήμα κρατήσεων, για την καλοκαιρινή σεζόν 2020, για τις παρακάτω περιοχές:

  • Χανιά

Απαραίτητα προσόντα:

  • Ηλικία 22-55 ετών
  • Άριστη γνώση της αγγλικής γλώσσας
  • Πολύ καλή γνώση Η/Υ
  • Ικανότητες οργάνωσης
  • Δυναμική προσωπικότητα με ομαδικό πνεύμα
  • Δίπλωμα οδήγησης αυτοκινήτου
  • Απαραίτητη (για τους άντρες) η ολοκλήρωση των στρατιωτικών υποχρεώσεων
  • Συστάσεις ευπρόσδεκτες

Στα πλαίσια της παραπάνω θέσης η εταιρία μας προσφέρει:

  • Αποδοχές ανάλογες προσόντων
  • Επαγγελματικό, σύγχρονο και φιλικό περιβάλλον εργασίας

Όλα τα βιογραφικά να αποστέλλονται στο email [email protected].